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5 strategies to protect yourself from a narcissistic person

People with a marked narcissism not only stand out for that feeling of omnipotence and that highly inflated and unrealistic self-image. In addition, another of the most striking aspects of his personality is the way in which they relate to others, and how easily and spontaneously they generate discomfort in those around them.


And the belief strongly rooted in the narcissist that stands out above other human beings is not something that is limited to remain isolated in your mind, without real consequences but predisposes you to act in a manner consistent with that vision of the world. That is why it is very common for narcissists to try to make others feel insecure, doubtful and eclipsed by their real or imagined presence.

With that in mind, we'll see next what we can do to protect ourselves from an extremely narcissistic person.


How to protect yourself psychologically from a narcissistic person?


These simple strategies can be used to mitigate the discomfort generated by frequent comments in people with a high narcissism. However, keep in mind that these should be done in a way that maintains a balance between your well-being and that of the other person.

You must bear in mind that in part being narcissistic is not an option; it is not, of course, for people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, nor for those who, without reaching such clear extremes, have become accustomed to behaving in that way due to their past experiences and their socialization.


  1. Cut the conversation

This is the most radical option but also the simplest one. There are situations that become so violent that a withdrawal is a logical reaction. If you have the option, do it, and in many cases, this will have the effect of a kind of passive punishment like the " time out " technique, in which those who have behaved badly stop having access to something that was stimulating or entertaining.


  1. Learn to recognize your feelings

In the face of offensive or contemptuous comments, it is useful to have good Emotional Intelligence. Experiencing a treatment characterized by the typical disdain of narcissistic people is not the same as going through that experience taking into account that this situation is explained by the extreme personality trait of the one who utters those words.

Thus, the possible harmful thoughts for the self-esteem caused by the behavior of the other are gelatinized by the situation. What is happening does not speak about what one is, but about the other person's highly skewed thinking.


  1. Remember that every human being has dignity

By default, every person has all the same rights and all people are worthy. Who puts in question this principle simply is acting unilaterally, something that in fact has no merit, since in any case shows an inability to socialize.


Despises and ridicule do not make you worthless, they are a simple excuse to maintain that behavior and are not based on the truth about what one is: anyone can be mocked, but not everyone sees the need to Articulate your social life through a feeling of superiority that you have to feed artificially.




  1. Do not replicate in the same tone

Replicating in a similar way to how the narcissistic person does when trying to be hurtful will only make the situation worse and prolonged. It is much better to contradict his speech (which usually consists of portraying the other person as immature or not capable) through the integrity, calmness and generally ignoring the presence of that person.


Once again, the key here is to eliminate the "reward" that would mean giving importance to the words of the narcissist and, by extension, to her as well.


  1. Turn over criticism

According to a reliable source called assignment writing services UK If you reflect aloud on the criticisms of the other person showing that you have already thought about them for a long time and found a way to "deactivate" them, you will show an unbreakable security in you and that will dissuade the other person from continuing. You do not have to explain why you think they are misguided (that would give them too much importance), just react in a way that shows that you do not mind hearing those things.